Permanent Solutions for Unwanted Hair

Permanent Solutions for Unwanted Hair

Permanent Solutions for Unwanted HairPermanent Solutions for Unwanted HairPermanent Solutions for Unwanted Hair


 'Keep Your Chin Up' is a program created by Raquel Symone. The mission is to offer FREE laser hair removal to eligible girls struggling with unwanted facial hair. The sole purpose is to encourage healthy self-image & promote self-esteem in young girls. Young girl "KEEP YOUR CHIN UP" hope may be near.  If you or a young girl you know is suffering from unwanted facial hair please contact us, we want to try and help.
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The Mission


Our mission is simple: Enhancing beauty, enriching lives and service before self.

Take it Off! Spa understands that unsightly excessive body or facial hair can be an embarrassing problem for women and men but young girls that hang their head in shame because of it is heart wrenching.  Well not if we can help it!  We currently commit one year of FREE laser hair removal to eligible girls ages  14-19. No more shaving, waxing, plucking & smelly depilatories which are time-consuming, painful, inconvenient an undoubtedly can worsen the problem.  Laser technology offers a safe and long-lasting way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body for good!

Stop worrying about embarrassing hair on your face and  let us Take it Off!

Young girls stop hanging your head in shame and Keep Your Chin Up!

We cannot promise to help everyone but our goal is to try. 

Service BEFORE SelF

We also understand as much as we would like to help others less fortunate in the world we simply cannot. Your commitment for our kindness to you is to pay it forward in charitable service for ONE FULL YEAR to a reputable organization. We only require that you give at least 10 hours a month of hands on service.  It seems like a lot but so much more is needed.  The vision is that you will be inspired to do more. 

"Service before self is the core of any real gain." 

Raquel Symone  

"This program is very dear and personal to me.  I take it very serious and those who have been involved know that about me. I'm super hard core about not taking anything for granted and being so grateful for opportunities like this.  If you expect me to do the work, I expect you to do the work.  To whom much is given much is expected."    

Raquel Symone                                                                             


Raquel's Story


Most people would never guess that I once struggled with excessive body & facial hair for years.  Until recent it wasn't something I ever wanted to acknowledge aloud much less openly talk about.  As a teen I spent countless exhausting hours with 10x magnifying mirrors plucking and digging out painful ingrowns, shaving twice a day and hiding from the world. My struggle lasted well into my early adult years until I met Cathy at Advanced Laser.  I don't remember how we met but I do remember her compassion and confidence when she assured me in a years time i would never suffer with unwanted hair again.  She was right. It is the reason I trained in this profession and part of my life mission of service before self.  I never forgot how Cathy and her sister Patti were like angels that had come along dedicated to helping myself and others. Keep Your Chin Up and sharing my story is my way of paying the gratitude forward.
To all you beautiful young ladies in the world: You are not alone and help is awaiting you whether with Take it Off Spa or another reputable laser hair removal facility. Remember: walk tall and share your story, you never know when your angel will come along.